Our Real Estate team represents real estate and infrastructure development companies engaged in project development activities such as development of townships, developing large-scale residential and commercial projects, financing, investment among others.  We have wide experience handling matters in  various aspects of real estate and infrastructure projects and regularly advice national and international funds and companies on issues during investment and disinvestment process , advice on FDI in real estate, conduct title and property due diligence of properties, advice and draft necessary MoUs, term sheets, and letters of intent, investment agreements, joint development agreements, property acquisition documents, joint venture agreements and commercial leases.


We assist in registration of the necessary documents with statutory and revenue authorities and in carrying out mutation proceedings for evidencing change in ownership. We regularly assist companies to confirm title while acquiring huge extents of land.

We are regularly engaged to advise and furnish opinions on complex issues relating to real estate and infrastructure projects enabling clients to take informed decisions during investments, joint ventures and restructuring existing transactions.  We routinely advise on procedural and practical issues and assist clients formulate pragmatic strategies during investments, for acquisition of land for large infrastructure projects and during restructuring of projects that have not been executed for various reasons.

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